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Orchard Toys Mini Games Elf Lotto


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Orchard Toys Mini Games Elf Lotto

Orchard Toys Mini Games Elf Lotto:

Match and collect the cheeky elves with this festive Orchard Toys Mini Games Elf Lotto! A perfect game for 2 to 4 players, Elf Lotto makes a wonderful gift for Advent, Christmas or as a stocking filler. Featuring 20 different elf characters, this fun game is great for colour and shape recognition, matching and memory skills. Children will also enjoy looking closely to see what the cheeky little elves are up to!

Play starts with all of the 20 elf cards spread out, face down on the table. Each player chooses one of the four different Christmas House playing boards. Now take it in turns to turn over an elf card. If it matches one of the elves from your house, keep the card in your house board. If it doesn’t match, show it to all the other players before replacing it face down to the table. Play then passes to the next player. Can you remember where the elves you need to find are hiding?

Based on traditional gameplay, Mini Games will provide fun for all the family.  All Orchard Toys games and jigsaws are designed with education in mind.  Orchard Toys work with teachers, nursery professionals and children to ensure that each product maintains the perfect balance between educational benefits and play value. All Orchard Toys products are extensively tested in schools and nurseries throughout their development to ensure that they are educationally sound and designed for the right age group.

Orchard Toys are made from 100% recycled board and paper from sustainable sources.  They are designed, produced and packaged in the UK.

Recommended age 3-6 years.

Box Contains:

4 Christmas House playing boards

20 Elf cards

Educational Benefits:

Shape and colour

Matching and memory

Observational skills

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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions15.5 × 14 × 2.5 cm


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