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Orchard Toys Dino-Snore-Us


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Orchard Toys Dino-Snore-Us

Orchard Toys Dino-Snore-Us:

Oh no! T-Rex has stolen all the eggs – and it’s up to you to get them back! The totally roar-some Orchard Toys Dino-Snore-Us Fun Learning Game is an exciting game for all the family. Players take it in turns to race down the pathway and rescue an egg. When you land on a dinosaur footprint the T-Rex is turned around. But watch out because if he’s woken up, everyone must do an enormous ROAR and the player must return to the start! If you manage to reach the end of the pathway and the T-Rex is asleep, you can spin the spinner and collect that number of eggs. The winner is the player with the most uncracked eggs in their nest at the end of the game!

The Orchard Toys extensive Fun Learning Games range has something for everyone! Each game comes with easy to follow instructions to get you up and playing straight away.  They are all so much fun and in addition, they incorporate so many aspects of learning –  number and counting, shapes and colour, language and literacy!

All Orchard Toys games and jigsaws are designed with education in mind.  Orchard Toys work with teachers, nursery professionals and children to ensure that each product maintains the perfect balance between educational benefits and play value. All Orchard Toys products are extensively tested in schools and nurseries throughout their development to ensure that they are educationally sound and designed for the right age group.

Orchard Toys are made from 100% recycled board and paper from sustainable sources.  They are designed, produced and packaged in the UK.

Recommended age 4+ years.

Box Contains:

1 four-piece playing board

1 T-Rex character

4 dinosaur playing pieces

4 stands

24 eggs

4 nest collection boards

1 spinner board

1 two-part spinner arrow

1 dice

1 instruction leaflet

Educational Benefits:

Imaginative play

Social and empathy

Number and counting

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