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Mood Bears Sad Mini Bear


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Mood Bears Sad Mini Bear

Mood Bears Sad Mini Bear:

When you are feeling a little blue, this faithful friend will be here to wipe away your tears. Mood Bears Sad Mini Bear is a smaller version of the classic sized Sad Bear. Made from a light blue plush fabric, Sad Bear is loyal, kind and loves to give soothing cuddles. This mini sized version is ideal for popping into a bag to accompany you on your day. Perfect for a little cuddle and comfort as you go on your way.

Mood Bears were created from the doodles of Jo Proud, when she herself was struggling with her own mental health difficulties. Finding comfort from her very own Happy Bear, Jo realised she had created something that could help so many more people. Young and old, we all have times in our lives that are challenging. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words how we are feeling, but these cuddly, soft bears know just what to do!

Each bear represents a key human emotion or mood. This emotion is reflected through the colour of the bear and the embroidered icon on its feet. They also each have an accompanying poem to help express the emotion. Tell them your worries, use them to signify to others how you feel or simply give them a hug!

What’s more, Mood Bears are kind to the environment too: made from recycled plastic bottles and 100% recyclable! We can see why they were so well received in the BBC Dragons’ Den! Thank you, Jo, for sharing with us your wonderful bears and supporting us all.

Gentle wash / surface clean recommended.

Height 15cm approx

Suitable for all ages.

Educational Benefits:

Social and empathy

Emotional development



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