Green Toys Dump Truck Eco-Friendly Toy:

The Green Toys Dump Truck is ready for any task, hauling sand or stones with ease. Need help hauling a big load while helping save the planet? No problem: this durable, eco-friendly dump truck is both safe and stylish. Features a workable dumper, and no metal axels. Made with recycled plastic and guaranteed to produce hours of Good Green Fun!

Green Toys make bright and beautiful toys using recycled plastic milk bottles! They are committed to producing brilliant toys for play now whilst looking after our planet for the years to come. Even the packaging is fully recyclable and printed using minimal soy inks, which is both natural and renewable! Safety is paramount with all their toys containing absolutely no BPA, PVC phthalaltes or external coatings. Simplicity is key and we adore their modern and eco-friendly versions of simple classic toy designs. Specially created to inspire and promote safe, environmentally-friendly imaginative play. We love their commitment to sustainability and playfulness and enjoy their robust and delightful toys. A wonderful message to promote for the next generation.

Recommended age 1+ years.

Educational Benefits:

Imaginative play

World awareness

Active play

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