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6+ YearsPuzzles & GamesDavid Walliams Flush out the Rat

David Walliams Flush out the Rat

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David Walliams Flush out the Rat

David Walliams Flush out the Rat:

Can you escape the rat?! David Walliams Flush out the Rat card game is an exciting, fast-paced matching game for two or more players. This set of 54 jumbo cards features the colourful illustrations from the best-selling book “RatBurger” by David Walliams. Fans of the story will recognise the quirky characters including Evil Burt, Zoe and of course the Rat! Set up the game by dealing out the cards evenly between the players. The aim of the game is to get rid of all of your cards by making matching pairs and avoiding the RatBurger Card. If you have a matching pair of cards in your hand, you can discard them. At the end of your turn, offer your cards face-down for the next player to choose one of them. Play continues in this way until all of the pairs have been matched. But don’t be caught out with the Rat at the end.

University Games excels in providing an extensive range of puzzles, games and gifts for all of the family to enjoy. From Pre-School favourite characters to educational games and fun family classics, there is something for everyone! We love the spectacular mix of brilliant gameplay and beautiful illustrations combined with themes and characters that children will know and love. Equally perfect for gifting on a special occasion or for enjoying as a rainy afternoon treat!

Recommended age 7+ years

Box Contains:

54 jumbo sized illustrated cards with instructions

Educational Benefits:

Matching and memory


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