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Crazy Aarons Dino Scales Thinking Putty


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Crazy Aarons Dino Scales Thinking Putty

Dino Scales Thinking Putty:

Prehistoric putty for dino fans! The Crazy Aarons Dino Scales Thinking Putty is soft and stretchy, just like a dinosaur’s skin actually! This clear base putty is filled with shimmering greens – the shiny scales of a dinosaur. Stretch the putty and watch the coloured scales bounce the light making them dazzle and shine. Fun to play with, stretch, shape and mould.

Welcome to the world of Crazy Aarons! Established in 1998, this incredible company has over 25 years worth of experience, designing and making sensory fidget Thinking Putty, Slime and Land of Dough. These brilliantly tactile products are designed with creativity and imagination, tested to the highest standards and crafted to the best quality. We love the uniquely captivating feel and beauty of the products, leaving you wanting to stretch, bounce, snap and squish your stresses away. There are so many designs to choose from: with over 100 varieties of Thinking Putty alone, featuring 30+ sensory effects, there’s a tin for every taste! Thinking Putty is non-toxic, it won’t dry out and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your hands. You can sculpt, tear, pop and bounce it! Plus if you leave it in the tin, it will soon level itself out again for a “fresh out of the tin experience” next time.

Tin contains 90g of putty.

Recommended age 3+ years.

Educational Benefits:


Shape and colour


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Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions19.5 × 10.5 × 3.5 cm


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