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Charades for Kids


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Charades for Kids

Charades for Kids:

The classic game of charades has had a special re-design for younger players, with Charades for Kids! This active miming game has different levels of difficulty to support different age groups. Players take it in turns to act out an object or action given on the playing cards. Younger children can look at the pictures to mime being an animal or making a phone call. Older children can read the suggestions to mime playing the flute or getting dressed. Each player has one guess and if correct, they get to keep the playing card. The first player to collect three playing cards is the winner! The whole family can enjoy this fun game and try to guess the charade before the timer runs out!

University Games excels in providing an extensive range of puzzles, games and gifts for all of the family to enjoy. From Pre-School favourite characters to educational games and fun family classics, there is something for everyone! We love the spectacular mix of brilliant gameplay and beautiful illustrations combined with themes and characters that children will know and love. Equally perfect for gifting on a special occasion or for enjoying as a rainy afternoon treat!

Recommended age: 4+ years

Box Contains:

50 picture charade playing cards

100 written only charade cards

1 minute timer

1 game dice

Game instructions

Educational Benefits:


Social and empathy

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