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Starting a Small Business

Starting a Small Business Julie

Happy 6th Birthday to Us!

This month, we celebrate six magical years of The Olive Branch Toy Shop! Wow! That has flown by! And as we celebrate, it’s also a great time to reflect on how far we have come and what we wish we had known when Starting a Small Business.

Get to know your customers

We wouldn’t be here without you lovely people! Our little shop began out of a desire to give something back to the wonderful village in which we live, work and play. Our wish is that every customer finds something right for them and through listening to your needs and requirements, we can help you to find the right gift. Those conversations go much further though and can inform our future stock ordering. From themes to price points, listening to our customers’ needs and feedback can really help us to build the very best collection of stock for our audience. You inspire us to always do our best! And if there’s something you would like to see in our shop, now’s the perfect opportunity to tell us!

Holly seeking out new products

Have a strong vision

This really is the heart of what we do. Our vision for good quality toys, books, gifts and games for all of our community, chosen with care and delivered with a smile underpins everything. And from that foundation, everything else flows. The suppliers and stock we choose to fill the store with, keywords for our website, the hashtags for our social media posts, it all comes back to our vision. We are very proud of the unique collection of products we have in store: it feels like Aladdin’s Cave in here! And through that strong vision we hope to find people who want to share in it!

The Website is NOT the same as the Shop!

“Add a website,” we thought! Hmmm. It’s definitely not that simple! Our website became an absolute lifeline through COVID lockdowns and continues to serve us very well today. But, we have learned that it certainly isn’t as simple as an extension of the shop. It is a whole separate entity of its own! And unless you are already a whizz at these things, there’s lots to learn to make your Small Business website perform well. Visiting our website should be just as much of a treat as viewing the items in store. The homepage should be as beautiful as the shop window display and the website pages and categories organised just like the displays in the store. Website work is never done and we are constantly updating, refreshing and organising our website to keep it looking at its best! Have you visited our website? What do you think of it?

Julie and the online orders

Always making connections

Social media never stands still! In our increasingly connected world, we’ve found many friends, followers and supporters through social media channels in addition to traditional advertising. We are lucky to have a wonderful staff team who work collectively to update our social media pages, reply to customers and work on editorials. It has taken time to build up and it never sleeps but it has helped us immensely. We’ve found that sharing a snapshot of ourselves just “doing our thing” helps us to stay connected to our friends and followers. Social media is “SOCIAL”. It’s the people behind the products that help make The Olive Branch Toy Shop who we are!

Staff Team

What’s our secret

Put simply, we all love what we do! We are all a little bit crazy and love playing with all the toys too which helps! Coming to work here and serving our local and online communities is a pleasure. It drives us to learn more and to be ever improving. We love being here and we really do do a happy dance after a wonderful day, a kind review or a delighted customer. There are a lot of plates to keep spinning and new things to try but if all else fails, there’s always Birthday Cake, a cuppa and tomorrow!

We hope to see you soon! With best wishes,

Julie, Alex, Holly and the Team

Katie and a cuppa