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Most Loved Outdoor Toys

Most Loved Outdoor Toys

The sun is shining and it feels like we are emerging from lockdown into a beautiful and fresh Spring. With this is mind, we would like to share our most loved outdoor toys. Julie and the Team look back on their own favourite childhood outdoor toys and what seems to be popular among our young customers now.

Traditional Toys making a comeback

Sometimes it’s the simple things isn’t it? In a world where technology is racing ahead, taking time to slow down and enjoy simple pleasures feels blissful. Enjoying a Kite on a blustery day at the beach, jumping a Skipping Rope or bouncing a Yoyo. These classic toys have remained favourites across the generations and seem to be enjoying a resurgence in popularity once more.

Eco-Friendly Favourites

I have a very treasured memory of my Gramps handmaking a sandpit or a paddling pool whenever we went to visit through the summer. We would play for hours out there with cups, tubs and jugs. The years have flown by but the joy of water and sand toys still remains. We love the super durable and eco-friendly Green Toys. Made from recycled plastic milk bottles, BPA, PVC and phthalates free and dishwasher safe, these toys are friendly inside and out! Brilliant fun in the garden and also in the bath.

Back to Nature

Kids are curious! It’s a big part of how children learn. And with the weather on our side, it’s a great time to get outside and enjoy the natural world on our doorsteps. Whether it’s making mud-pies or seeing what creatures live under those logs and rocks there’s lots to enjoy. Something like the Bigjigs Mini Magnifier can really change the dynamic on a familiar walk, changing it into a bug hunt instead! Or what about making a home for the minibeasts in your garden with the Apples to Pears Gift in a Tin Insect House.

Garden Games

When I asked the Team about their most loved outdoor toys, it’s often something that gets the family together having fun with a game. That old boules set that sparked a family tournament or the swing ball that got Aunty in a tangle. We love the Bigjigs Skittles sets, both in Pirate and Fairy designs and also our Didicars and Didtrikes for full on, fast-paced, outdoor adventure.

After all, it’s not the toy. It’s the fun and the happy memories. Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

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