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Flashback Friday: Christmas Countdown

Starting a Small Business Julie and the online orders

50 days until Christmas: the excitement is building, the Christmas stock is displayed and the mince pies are most definitely flowing! But exactly one year ago, 5th November 2020, we had to shut our beautiful Toy Shop due to Lockdown restrictions. Julie and the Team use this Flashback Friday: Christmas Countdown to take a look back at last year’s festive season compared to their hopes for this year.

Festive Lockdown November 2020

Devastating, demoralising and heart-breaking. All good words to describe that moment in which we knew we would have to close the shop. November is such a busy month for us and it was difficult to see how we would manage the situation. With the Christmas Countdown well and truly begun, how would we be able to ensure our customers would be able to select their gifts and have them safely handled and delivered? But where there is a will, there is a way. Our little website continued to serve us well, handling online orders for near and far. Alex was the best local delivery driver we could ever wish for and Kirsty and Katie became our Christmas Elves, wrapping and packing from dawn until dusk. At the heart of our business is a really strong desire to serve our customers and make everyone feel like they have had the best experience and most beautiful toys and gifts that we could provide. Gift wrapping: no problem. Personalised shopping: absolutely! How we got through, I still do not know, but with a fantastic team and a wonderful community around us, we did it and we remain eternally grateful.

50 Days until Christmas 2021

Exactly one year on and things couldn’t feel more different. With a sprinkle of festive optimism, we look forward to a better November this year. Our website continues to serve us well and we are delighted to be able to welcome people in person to do their Christmas shopping. We love to see the excitement as children make their wish lists for Father Christmas. Our days are filled listening to customers stories of the meaning behind their gift choices, invoking their own childhood memories perhaps, or a gift that they know their child will cherish. It makes us realise, now more than ever, how much we appreciate our relationships with the people around us: our families, our friends, our customers, our community.

Flashback Friday: Christmas Countdown

Two years, so contrasting, and yet some things will always stay the same. With 50 days to go until Christmas, we look forward to welcoming you online or instore, to help you choose wonderful gifts for Christmas and to make a bit of festive magic! And we hope with all of our hearts that Christmas 2021 will be everything that you wish for and everything it couldn’t be last year.